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Divorce in Florida Divorce in Florida

Divorce in Florida

Getting a Divorce in Florida There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” divorce in...

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Alimony Disputes Alimony Disputes

Alimony Disputes

Florida Alimony Disputes With 20 years of experience assisting clients from many walks of life with...

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Family Law Family Law

Family Law

  EXPERIENCED Experienced West Palm Beach family law attorney John Kovarik focuses his law pra...

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More Than 25 Years of Florida Family Law Experience

West Palm Beach Area Divorce and Family Law Attorney John Kovarik has decades of experiences in this field. Known as a tough litigator, Attorney Kovarik’s reputation precedes him in the courtroom.

Your Needs Come First!

Every case is important and we make sure to help you at your convenience.

Affordable West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer and Attorney

Decades of working in Florida Family Courts

West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer John Kovarik of Kovarik Law is dedicated to achieving your goals based on your divorce, custody, family law, and Florida alimony modification needs. With more than 20 years of experience practicing family law in a client driven manner, Mr. Kovarik’s goal is justice for you. Located in the Palm Beach Gardens area, Kovarik Law can serve clients in Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Broward County and can come to you rather than you needing to drive to him if needed.

Divorce Law Experience

Mr. Kovarik is able to work with you to develop a legal plan to fit your needs and goals whether they are filing for divorce, modifying your alimony due to changing circumstances, enforcing child support payments for the support of your child, and more. Every divorce or modification is unique because the people involved are unique. As a result of many years of divorce law experience, Mr. Kovarik can tailor a strategy with your to help you meet your goals.  Call us today or schedule thru our website to set up your FREE CONSULTATION and discuss how attorney John Kovarik can help you overcome your unique legal challenges.

Divorce and Child Support

picture of arguing spouses

West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer John Kovarik understands the economic challenges associated with living in Florida. As your need for divorce and child support filings continue, an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney can assist you in getting on with your life during and after divorce. Whether you have considered filing for divorce in the past or are forced to do so now, Lawyer John Kovarik can help you gain some footing to stand on your own once more. His personal approach to helping clients has helped people in your position before and he is ready to help you now. Call John Kovarik, Esq. to discuss your options and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today.

Flexible Scheduling In & Around West Palm Beach

He will meet with his clients at their convenience and does not require that access to him be restricted to meetings during business hours or at a particular office. He remains ready to accommodate your schedule as needed to fit your goals. If you do not want to meet in an office, you can meet with Mr. Kovarik over lunch or coffee in a relaxed environment.

A Personal Approach to Divorce and Family Law

When you call our law office, you speak to Mr. Kovarik himself, not a paralegal or an associate who will discuss your case with you. Mr. Kovarik takes great pride in personally working with each and every client to achieve their family law goals. Divorce is a personal thing that should be met with your personal needs in mind. Child custody disputes are heartbreaking but with 25 + years of experience, Mr. Kovarik can make the process as painless as possible for you.

Having assisted in hundreds of divorce and child custody cases in Florida, Mr. Kovarik seeks to help you toward a resolution that is in your best interest as well as the interest of your children. We all know that children of a divorce have a difficult time understanding the “why” of a divorce and that it is not their fault. With arguments that your children may be aware of Mr. Kovarik strives to make sure that your children are not witnesses further to the stresses of divorce. If is for this very reason that he often meets clients in a non-office setting as it can be intimidating to children to visit a stuffy office during such trying times.


  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Custody/ Visitation
  • Actions for Modification
  • Child Support

Divorce Litigation

Complex Divorce

marriage annulments

Having decades of experience in law, Mr. Kovarik works to make even the most complex divorce easier on clients. Some of the most complicated facets of in the area of family law are the discovery, determination, and valuation of marital and non-marital assets. These assets that need to be evaluated to determine if they will be considered by Florida courts as marital property might include family-owned businesses, houses, vacation property, rental property, and other types of personal and commercial real estate. Other forms of complex property that may be included are intellectual property such as copyrights and trademarks, royalty income, etc.

Payment Plan Availability

Budgeting for divorce

Divorces themselves are expensive matters and we understand that. Costs of moving and starting life practically all over again on your own can be a daunting idea. There are times when we may offer payment plans to clients. These plans often start with an initial retainer in order for us to begin work on your case and then payments thereafter. We accept most major credit cards because we know that it is often easier to make payments that way (and who doesn’t like to earn cash back or other rewards from their credit card company). We can discuss a realistic payment plan for you during your initial consultation upon discussing your case. Give our office a call today to discuss a potential payment plan for you. 


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Florida Family Law

Full-Service West Palm Beach County based Family Law Firm. Whether you are filing for a divorce, disputing child custody, modifying alimony or child support, we are here to help.

Florida Divorce Law

Not all Florida Divorces are cookie-cutter do-it-yourself cases. Hire an experienced Divorce Litigator

Child Support

John Kovarik of Kovarik Law has handled hundreds of child support cases for his clients. Remember, child support is not just about you. Child support is about your children’s needs.

Alimony Dispute/Modification

Alimony calculation and modification can be a confusing matter for many people. With 20+ years of experience, John Kovarik is able to help