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The Kovarik Law Group is a community oriented law firm that takes pride in being a “neighborhood firm.”  We represent real people who need real legal help.  Our goal is straight-forward: provide skilled, aggressive, affordable, dependable and courteous legal service for our clients. 

 The attorney-client relationship is the central building block to successful legal representation.  An attorney cannot do his job effectively if he does not know your goals.  That takes communication and communication is always a two-way street. From the moment a potential client comes in for a free-consultation.  We always start off our free consultations with a simple question – what are your goals …  Once we understand your goals, we can start working on case strategy to reach those goals. 

Another difference between our firm and other law firms in the area is that we go to great lengths to explain all your options.  We discuss the pros and cons of trial, the advantages and disadvantages of settlement and we discuss and explore with you creative ways of resolving your legal problems.  We talk honestly about the expense of trial and how expensive it can be to get there.  If trial is the only realistic option, we provide aggressive and experienced representation.     

Pursuant to Rule 4-7.2, Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, the lawyer responsible for the content of this site is John Kovarik, Esq.

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