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John Kovarik

20+ Years Experience in Tequesta Family Law

Divorces are serious. We provide serious experience! We value your time and emotional involvement. You’re not a number, you are a person.

Recognized by Peers

Recognized by peers for his knowledge and experience, John Kovarik’s reputation precedes him.

Florida Alimoney Attorney John Kovarik

Attorney John Kovarik

About Divorce Lawyer John Kovarik

John Kovarik was born in Northern Indiana and attended Purdue University.  He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida Law School in 1992.  Mr. Kovarik focuses on several areas of law, particularly Marital Law which includes dissolution of marriage (divorce), enforcement of prior divorce decrees including motions for contempt for non-payment of child support or alimony, and modifications or changes to divorce decrees. Mr. Kovarik has a reputation as a good litigation attorney if your case needs to go to trial however, he is successful in settling most of his cases without the need for costly litigation.

Mr. Kovarik prides himself on giving personal attention to all of his clients and their legal needs.  He will come to you if your needs keep you from being able to travel to his office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  H e offers very reasonable hourly rates and will try to work with you to make his services affordable.  So often Mr. Kovarik sees cases that people tried to handle themselves and sadly they create problems that can be much more costly to correct than if they had consulted with and hired him to handle the case in the first place.


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