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Types of Child Custody

The Florida courts truly care about the well-being of children, and do not take child custody decisions lightly. As a truly “sole custody” decision (where one parent has the child 100% of the time, and the other parent has no visitation or decision making abilities) is no longer an option, the courts must review a...
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Does Divorce Affect Your Credit

Divorce is a life-changing event, and will affect many aspects of your life. Something you may not have considered though, is how it can affect your credit score.  While your marital status by itself is not a direct indicator of your creditworthiness and won’t show up on your credit check, there are several indirect effects...
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Grandparent Rights in Florida

Unsurprisingly, divorce doesn’t just affect you and your spouse; it affects those around you, including your extended family.  If you and your spouse have minor children, this can extend to your children’s grandparents. You see, while some states have grandparents rights established for divorced households, the same cannot be said for the state of Florida....
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