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florida divorce and children

Child custody and divorce

One of the most important issues involving divorce and children is child custody after divorce. Many couples suffer regarding the care of the child after divorce. The custody is a matter of great concern as the number of Florida divorces is increasing. For this reason, even if you are not one of the many people facing separation and divorce, you should be aware of these because life is unexpected and anything can happen. At the time of divorcing, there are a lot of things that need to be understood. Get the very basics about each and every aspect of divorce, from the ways of starting the process of your divorce, the custody of the children to the division of the property.

Types of the custody of child

divorce and custody

The number ofF divorces in the sunshine state is not negligible, and the number is increasing. When talking about divorce, the first thing that comes is the child custody. The child custody refers to where the child/children will live after the legal divorce or who will have the legal rights to make all the important decisions of the life of the children. Sometimes, the parents share the custody after Florida divorce and sometimes, the responsibility is awarded to one parent. There are some terms mentioned below which will help you to know more about the custody of the child.

Physical custody:

The physical custody is the right to live with your kids after the divorce is granted by the court. Two parents might have joint physical custody (Time-sharing) or sometimes the court gives the physical custody of the child to one parent. The second scenario happens when one of the parents is unable to provide necessities to the children along with taking proper care.

Joint physical custody:

Most of the time, if both of the parents are physically, mentally and financially stable, the court prefers to award joint physical custody to the parents, so the child will be able to maintain contact with both of them. There are some courts which prefer giving this solution to the parents until and unless, a disagreeing parent after divorce proves in the court that, another parent is unable to provide the best care to the child and the contact with the other parent may affect the children adversely. The joint physical custody needs parents to share time with their kids. It does not always have to be 50-50, but in case the parents are unable to come to a solution, the court may impose a schedule. Most of the common arrangements include alternating months, weeks, etc. at the house of the parent’s.

Sole physical custody:

The sole physical custody is the type of custody where the child stays with a parent permanently, while the other parent who does not have the custody to keep the child, has the right to pay a regular visit. The benefits of this type of arrangements are that the child is permanently residing in a single place. If you think logically, then this is one of the most stressful arrangements for the children as well as the parent especially when it comes to neighbors, school, and friendships.

Florida divorce makes these three types of child custody arrangements for the parents.