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Updates and Commentary For West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas

Divorce and Alimony in Palm Beach Gardens

Divorce and alimony in Palm Beach Gardens often go hand-in-hand. When the cost of living in an area is great, the likelihood of alimony being a consideration during divorce is greater. The median income for a family in Palm Beach Gardens in 2007 alone was more than $80,000. Such a high median income for families in Palm Beach Gardens means that quality of living experienced by spouses in the area is greater than many other areas in Florida that I have assisted individuals through a divorce.


Individuals needing a divorce in Palm Beach Gardens should keep in mind that they should not do away with funds, investments, and other assets to try to prevent their soon to be ex from being able to get alimony. Courts can see through these actions and the ethics of said activities are poor. Additionally, doing away with those assets may actually harm the children of the divorcing parties in the form of less child support paid.

The court will look to the incomes of both parties, the property that they share and the quality of life they lead together prior to the divorce as just a few factors in determining alimony. They may look to the level of education and work experience of a spouse as well to determine if they may be able to quickly gain larger amounts of income (if it is significantly less than yours).

Child Support

Remember, child support is for the benefit of your children NOT your ex-spouse. Because of this, it is recommended that you not focus the amount of money you may need to pay for child support and instead on your real priorities. These new priorities instead might include spending more quality time with your children as they are having to go through a life altering time as well with your divorce. Pro-actively show your children that you want to spend time with them by doing something they want to do.

Pro-actively show your children that you want to spend time with them by doing something they want to do. A weekend at Dad’s spent in front of TV watching the Weather Channel or baseball may not be what your children consider quality time with Dad. Develop a plan with your ex-spouse and children to take them to places they love to go or even somewhere they have never been but are interested in.