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Getting a Divorce in Florida

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” divorce in Florida. It is always interesting to find the numerous do-it-yourself Florida Divorce kits on the internet because it is doubtful that any single fill in the blank form can fully account for the entire situation that you are facing. While an uncontested divorce in Florida is rather simple (“You go your way and I’ll go mine”), many divorces involve children which can complicate matters greatly.

There are many things to consider when filing for Divorce in Florida when children are involved. These are a few things you may not find on forms but should be considered on a personal level rather than just

  1. Time Sharing
    • What holidays are important for you and your children to be together on. What holidays are must-haves and which are you willing to let go? Would you be willing to consider sharing holidays with your ex-spouse where the children spend some of the days with you and then you return them to your ex? Remember- while you may not always get your way in dividing holidays with your ex, the goal is not to win when it comes to your children but rather to find ways to spend quality time with them.
  2. Alimony
    • What was the standard of living during the marriage? Did you and your ex-spouse have luxurious amenities or were you living pay check to pay check?
    • How long were you married? Did you recently “celebrate” your 20th year together or did your marriage last as long as a couple married after the season finally of the bachelor?
    • Education levels and earning capacities? Do you both have doctorate degrees or was one of you disproportionately educated compared to the other?
    • Other Factors

While these are certainly NOT ALL of the factors to consider when filing for divorce in Florida they should be reflected upon when you are ready to file for divorce or when hiring an experienced divorce attorney. With more than 25 years of experience in practicing Florida Family Law, Attorney John Kovarik of Kovarik Law understands and litigates even the smallest considerations with divorce law. Call Kovarik Law today to discuss your upcoming divorce and discover the options and advice that an experienced Florida Divorce attorney can offer.