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Palm Beach Child Custody Disputes

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During a divorce, there is nothing more heart-wrenching for the parties involved than child custody disputes. Unfortunately, there are times when child custody disputes do not work well for the children involved. During the dispute, the court will look to the best interest of the child. Is it in the child’s best interest to stay with a parent has had numerous run-ins with the law due to drug-related matters? Is it in the best interest of the child to live with a father who works 3 jobs and is never home compared to a mother who is working from home? These are some of the situations courts must investigate fully before making their decisions.

If you are prepared to dispute the custody of your child for any reason, there are important questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I disputing custody for vindictive reasons?
  • If the child were to live with me, would we try to  move far away
  • If I loose the child custody dispute am I prepared to (continue) to pay child support?

Keep in mind that it is often against public policy for a judge to award sole custody to a party in a child custody dispute. Awarding sole custody in a child custody dispute would mean that visitation would be non-existent unless the winning party felt like allowing it.

Instead, the court in a child custody dispute may look to the past actions of the parent. For instance, the court may frown upon a parent who has a history of ignoring the need to buy their child new shoes and instead spends their entire paycheck on a brand new expensive television. The court may also look to the living conditions of the parents. If one lives in an apartment without air conditioning (which would be a disaster here in Florida) and with holes in the flooring, the court may likely frown upon that.

Additionally, circumstances change which means that sometimes the best interest of the child changes. A new addiction can wreak havoc on a child when they see a parent suffering in that manner. These are times when re-visiting child custody may be called for.

No matter your reasons for disputing child custody, experienced child custody dispute attorney John Kovarik is here to help you. His 25 years of experience in Family Law allows him to see the issues in your case quickly and efficiently. He loves the courtroom and trial atmosphere. Call us today at 561-659-9001 for your free child custody dispute consultation!