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Legal Matters can become overwhelming at times. We understand. With more than 25 Years of Practice John Kovarik, Esq. can tailor a customized and aggressive approach to your legal matter using language YOU understand. 

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 West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer John Kovarik understands the economic challenges associated with living in Florida. As your need for divorce and child support filings continue, an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney can assist you in getting on with your life during and after divorce. Whether you have considered filing for divorce in the past or are forced to do so now, Lawyer John Kovarik can help you gain some footing to stand on your own once more. His personal approach to helping clients has helped people in your position before and he is ready to help you now. 

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Located in the Palm Beach Gardens area while maintaining a flexible consultation schedule, John Kovarik will meet with his clients at their convenience and does not require that access to him be restricted to meetings during business hours or at a particular office. He remains ready to accommodate your schedule as needed to fit your goals. If you do not want to meet in an office, you can meet with Mr. Kovarik over lunch or coffee in a relaxed environment. 

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