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Palm Beach Florida Child Support

Palm Beach Florida Child Support hearing

Unlike many things that can be agreed upon in a pre-nuptial agreement, Palm Beach Florida child support is not one of them. Child support refers to the payment of money one parent may be ordered to pay for the support of a child, including payment of medical, dental, and other health care expenses; child care expenses; and educational expenses. Determining child support amounts in Florida is essentially a mathematical process. Child support by Florida Law, is determined by the court based upon multiple factors with one goal in mind: the best interest of the children. Although the very thought of divorce may lead to bitterness between you and your spouse, you must not lose sight of what matters- your children who are going through their own emotional battles during your divorce.

The court will analyze multiple factors to determine the amount of child support to be paid. These factors are determined by statutory guidelines and the amount of child support to be paid can vary when certain situations arise as determined by the court.  Child support in Florida is based on the incomes of both parents (net income), the cost of other expenses such as the child’s health insurance.

Always remember- it is not about how much you should pay your ex-spouse, it is about how much you should support your children. When you fail to pay child support, you are not “getting back” at your ex-spouse, you are hurting your children. During your divorce, your children are your primary concern, not your pocketbook.

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