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Palm Beach Florida Alimony and Support Lawyer

Palm Beach Florida Alimony and Support Lawyer

As an experienced Palm Beach Florida Alimony and Support Lawyer and Attorney, it is no surprise to me that the Florida laws regarding Alimony and Support are difficult to understand. Child support and Alimony are determined based upon need. The determination is based upon the need of the receiving spouse and the ability to pay by the supporting spouse. Palm Beach Florida Laws and case law look to the duration of the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, and other factors.

Some Factors in Determining Florida Alimony

  • Duration of marriage
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Monetary or other support of spouses career or education
  • Other factors as defined by Florida Law

Although it would be prudent to discuss the different types of Alimony in Palm Beach County Florida as well as the guidelines for finding it, there are many proposed changes to Florida Alimony Laws pending currently. These changes could come in the form of changes in the name of permanent alimony, the length of alimony in Florida, required verification of the factors used by judges to allocate alimony, and other changes.

With Florida Alimony and Support laws changing, it is important that you hire an experienced Palm Beach County Florida Alimony and Support lawyer to discuss your options and the law as it applies to you. Call Kovarik Law today to discuss your needs and options with experienced Palm Beach Florida family law attorney John Kovarik.