Payment Plan

Plan Consideration

There are certain things to consider when seeking a payment plan in the legal field: As with all payment plans, you are required to keep current with your payments. Also, it is crucial to understand that legal costs, and therefore your payments may increase at certain stages of the legal process such as depositions, filing fees, etc. 

Should your case go to trial, the costs will increase significantly due to the amount of preparation required for an attorney to represent you during the trial competently. Goals of payment plans must be realistic- that is to say that legal payment plans do not have a duration of 30 years like mortgages do.   It is crucial to work with your attorney to develop a realistic payment plan based upon a budget of the reasonable fees and costs that are associated with the facts and circumstances of your case. While we work with you to determine the most affordable payment plan, we insist that your payment plan be realistic so that we can complete your divorce work within a reasonable amount of time.  

Remember- attorneys are not allowed to pay your filing fees on your behalf, so these funds are required upon the filing of your case in a court of law. These details will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation should we decide we are a good fit based upon your particular circumstances.   It is difficult to determine the costs associated with your case on a general basis without an evaluation of your specific goals and needs. Many times, your free review and consultation may be completed over the phone, other times when documents need to be reviewed, your consultation will be done in person.