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Tequesta Paternity Attorney

Florida paternity test

Paternity determinations for citizens of Tequesta and West Palm Beach Florida are often misunderstood. As an attorney with experience in paternity cases, I encounter numerous questions from those individuals thinking of filing a paternity determination in court. The very first step is usually a Florida Paternity Test.

Do we have to split property after a paternity determination in Florida?

-No. Unlike a divorce in Florida, paternity determinations do not require the equitable distribution of property.

As the potential father of the child(ren), what are my rights?

– In Florida Paternity cases the potential father usually has no rights regarding the child until there has been a final judgment of paternity or a temporary order has been given.

Am I liable for back child support if I’m found to be the father?

– In Florida Paternity cases you may be liable for up to two-years of retroactive child support.

Who can bring a Paternity Action  (Case)?

  • A child may bring a paternity if paternity has not previously been established.
  • A man who believes that he is the father of the child(ren) may bring a paternity action, and
  • A pregnant woman with reason to believe that a specific male is the father of the child may bring a Florida paternity action.
  • A man with reason to believe is not the father of a child may bring a paternity action to dispute child support.

There are many questions that cannot be answered in a single article. Your situations is unique to you and without fully understanding it your questions may not be accurately answered by this article. Contact Tequesta Paternity Attorney John Kovarik by calling or clicking on the contact button now to schedule your free consultation. Remember, your questions shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and neither should your paternity case. Call today.