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West Palm Beach Divorce and Alimony Mistakes

An experienced divorce and alimony attorney in Florida, let alone in West Palm Beach can tell you that many people assume that lawyers are expensive…and that is the founding reason that individuals decide to help themselves. All to often people in need of an experienced make common mistakes due to advice given to them by family members and friends. Many of these mistakes are costly and may hurt the process even further. As a family law attorney, I often have people call after they initiated the divorce or alimony modification by themselves only to be left scratching their heads, or worse- threatened with attorney fees, because they do not have a firm understanding of legal process requirements. Had those individuals hired me in the first place they may have avoided many headaches, fees, and time.

Florida Civil Procedure has very specific requirements for service on the opposing party, time frames for discovery, and requirements for pleadings that even the newly minted attorney has difficulty abiding by let alone understanding. One of the worst situations you can put yourself in is working against an experienced attorney when representing yourself. In some instances it may be the equivalent of a high school basketball team competing against an NBA team.

Remember- hiring an experienced Palm Beach County family law lawyer can be affordable- that is our goal. You shouldn’t have to take out a loan to pay an attorney to fight for your needs. Call us today to discuss YOUR needs and how we can help you meet your goals be they in a divorce, alimony, or child support situation.